Art and Glass Sculptures

 Turning Cold Glass into Art

Browsing through Facebook, I came across this new video of an artist called Jack Storms. He  creates beautiful pieces of art using a cold glass process and typically takes months  to complete. Here’s a look at a few pieces before we proceed:


In order to make one of these pieces, one has to use the cold glass process, while layering multiple pieces of dichroic glass with a transparent epoxy to create the reflective effect. As he said on the Facebook video, “It’s a cut, grind, polish and repeat. Over and over and over again” He keep doing this until the light and imagery effects are achieved. Only then, can he completely seal the shine and glass with more glass or crystal.

According to New Beauty Era, his pieces look like Kaleidoscopic forms inside geometrical shapes or in shapes resembling familiar objects.

Here’s a video with more info:

and my favorite piece:

Because of the extreme precision and time taken to make these intricate pieces, the prices is very reflective of the work.  Pieces start at $15,000 for small pieces. Medium pieces range from $15,000 and $25,000 and large pieces range from $25,000 to $100,000

Even with the high prices, Jack has gained popularity over the internet as well as with the local art community. He is highly praised for not only creating the pieces but being able to do do with a disability. He lost his sight in one eye, and had to retrain himself to get over the peripheral distortion. Many believe it to be an inspiring story of perseverance.  Overall, I can see this work becoming more popular in the days to come!

Interested in these Artwork Pieces? Visit his website to see details for purchasing.

If the pieces are out of you budget, you can view them from some galleries that showcases Jack Storms art at:

Storms Fine Gallery – Los Angeles, CA

Marcus Ashley Gallery – South Lake Tahoe, CA

Christopher Egan Fine Art – Lahaina and Wailea, HI