Crystal construction in New York

Crystal Construction in New York

Each time you get an invitation to a wedding comes with the stress of deciding on an appropriate gift. There are many stores/websites that are dedicated solely to selling gifts for these special occasions. This article is to help give ideas in relation to spun glass and crystal gifts.

Crystal and spun glass gifts are a beautiful treasure that can be shaped into many animals and flowers.

What is the difference between crystal and spun glass figurines? Crystal figurines are made from quartz crystal. Spun glass figurines are made mostly from clear glass which is fused together at high heat. Glass also has the option of colored glass to enhance the look and many products today have a mixture of clear and colored glass. Both crystal and spun glass give the same look of beauty and create memories of the occasion.

One of the more popular animals for weddings is swans, there is just something about them that says love. Swans can be shaped to look like a love heart or can be sitting underneath a rose. Glass swans come in many sizes and shapes, so it is easy to find one that will fit within your budget. Crystal swans can also be shaped into an array of positions, you do need to consider that crystal is more expensive than its spun glass alternative. Although they are more expensive crystal figurines tend to have a higher level of detail and look less generic than the spun glass products.

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Another animal that symbolizes love? Doves. For doves you can get them sitting on glass love hearts, or in a special velvet lined box sitting on top of a set of rings. Both are a great way to remind the bride and groom of their special day. Doves are available in glass and crystal.

Also available are bear figurines. Two little bears sit in a velvet lined box in their wedding attire with a beautiful poem in the box lid. Or a single bear sits in a heart shaped box holding a heart with a beautiful poem in the box lid. These are two cute little gifts to consider if you are not a close relative of the bride and groom. Both products are offered in spun glass and are a simple cheap solution for big amount of crystals.

The choice is yours, you have been given two options of memorable wedding gifts here. The spun glass figurines are cheaper and you get the option of colored glass. Or crystal which is more expensive and has more detail.

You can also chose the animal which fits best with the bride and groom.

So next time you receive a wedding invitation there is no need to panic remember this article and you will find something memorable for them that sticks within your budget.

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