Machine That Turns Glass Into Sand

Using Beer Bottles to Save Beaches

Beaches are rapidly running out of sand. According to sources, two- thirds of the world’s beaches are retreating. Given that sand is used in everything from construction, house wares, food packaging and pharmaceuticals. This is a growing problem. There is only a certain number of times (6-10) where bottles can be recycled and made again into more bottles before they are unfit to be used again. In the other corner we have an abundance of desert sand.  However, this type of sand is unsuitable for use in the construction industry which can send the demand for beach sand up and out of control. This grown problem may seem hard to believe but the solution that New Zealand Beer Company has come with couldn’t be more remarkable.

They have built a machine that could solve all our problems. This extraordinary machine from DB Export can turn  empty bottles into sand substitute. Amazingly the answer to the sand shortage could be to drink beer! How interesting is that?

Machine to get sand out of glass beer bottles

DB Bottle Sand Machine

This machine instantly allows users to crush their used beer bottles which then utilizes a vacuum system that removes silica dust and plastic labels leaving behind pure glass sand. An approximated 60 tons of glass goes to landfills every year, and if we use this bottle sand machine, this project will help us to keep the glass out of landfills and preserves the sand on our beaches.
Each bottle makes 200 grams  of sand substitute. DB beer bottle export sand is then distributed to construction companies and commercial partners reducing the countries dependence from beach derived sand. Beach sand is a natural occurring resource and  has a finite amount to it. So beer bottle sand isn’t something we don’t just want, but really need this to be used for decreasing the waste in landfills and keeping the sand on our beaches!!

Here’s a diagram from the DB Website demonstrating how to use their machine:

DB Bottle sand Process

How to Help Re Sand Our Beaches